Malmö Ice Flyers offer figure skating training for adults during evenings and weekends.

We follow a training plan where we practice together and help each other, but everyone is responsible for one’s own development as a skater. Instead of traditional group lessons, we focus on individual training and individual instruction. Depending on the members’ interest and level we also arrange workshop sessions on the ice where we focus on specific part or discipline in figure skating. Many of us also participate in international adult figure skating competitions.


Malmö Ice Flyers offer skating school for adults from September 2020.

No matter if you skated a bit as child, or if you are a novice on the ice, you are welcome to us. The purpose of the training is to provide the skaters with basic skills to be able to skate and practice safely and efficiently on the ice.

The training sessions consist of falling and breaking techniques and flexibility exercises. The focus then shifts from basic forward and backward skating to cross overs, turns and more advanced gliding exercises and "show-off moves".


The purpose of the training is to provide the skaters with basic skills to be able to skate and practice safely and efficiently on the ice.


  • Forward and backward skating
  • Falling techniques and flexibility
  • Breaking techniques
  • Forward and backward cross overs
  • Basic turns


Clothes. Flexible workout clothes. Pants in synthetic material are preferred as cotton quickly absorbs water and becomes wet.

Protection. Helmet or head protection. An ordinary bicycle helmet works fine. Gloves and knee pads are recommended.


Skates. As the skating school only focuses on basic ice skating, any kind of skates can be used. However, we do not have skates to lend but instead we recommend to check with


Main coach is Daniel Marklund. He began practicing figure skating at the age of 18, and he has more than ten years of experience in teaching adults to skate. During the same time he has also worked as a figure skating coach for adults skaters, i.e. skaters who either started skating as adults or has returned to the sport as adults.

Assistant coach Anja Charania is a former elite skater in Denmark who has competed in the Nordic Championships and won the Danish Junior Championships. After a long break she returned to the sport as an adult and today she competes internationally in adult master competitions.

Malmö Ice Flyers

A member of the Swedish Figure Skating Association and the Swedish Sports Confederation.

A Figure Skating Club for Adult Skaters

Founded by competitive adult skaters, for adult skaters of all levels to learn, excel, compete and have fun together on the ice.

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