From ice rookies to international pros, all are invited to join us on the ice!

No matter your skill level, you'll find a welcoming community ready to embrace your skating journey.


Our skating school for beginners aims to provide skaters with the basic skills necessary for safe and efficient practice on the ice.

Initial training sessions focus on falling and stopping techniques, as well as flexibility exercises.

As skaters progress, the emphasis shifts from basic forward and backward skating to include cross-overs, turns, and more advanced gliding exercises, along with introductory jumps and spins. Skating school sessions are led by coaches.


Ice lessons for our more experienced skaters.

For those who have progressed beyond our skating school, we offer figure skating lessons at various levels of difficulty.

The focus of these lessons is to master more advanced elements such as jumps, spins, and intricate footwork.

Our figure skating lessons are led by experienced coaches.


Coach-led Program Training for Competitive Skaters

The focus of our program training is to prepare our competitive skaters for both national and international competitions.

Skaters have the opportunity to practice their programs to their chosen music and receive valuable feedback from our experienced coaches.

Program training is a coach-led activity.


In our freestyle sessions, the focus is on individual training without a coach.

This allows skaters to practice specific figure skating elements they wish to improve at their own pace. While we practice together and offer mutual support, each skater takes responsibility for their own development.

Practical Information

We recommend that you consider the following when joining the figure skating sessions

Age.We welcome all skaters aged 13 and above.

Skates. For the very first beginner classes, any type of skates is acceptable. However, as you progress, having proper figure skating boots and blades will enhance your ability to perform more advanced elements. Please note that we do not have skates available for lending. If you are in need of skates to borrow, we recommend checking with


Clothes. Sports clothes preferably with a protective water-repellent function.

Protection. For beginners, we advise wearing a helmet or head protection. An ordinary bicycle helmet works fine. Additionally, we recommend wearing gloves and soft knee pads


We are unable to provide any equipment, instead we recommend that anyone lacking personal equipment to visit

Fritidsbanken. If you are interested in other activities such as choreography or program composition, please feel free to contact us.