Malmö Ice Flyers is a non-profit figure skating club established in 2020, founded by competitive figure skaters who were introduced to the sport as adults. We all share a joint passion for figure skating and a belief that it is a sport for all ages.


Adult figure skating is well recognized globally, however in Sweden figure skating is mostly perceived as a sport for kids and youths. This is something we want to change. The international adult figure skating community offers many activities such as workshops, skating camps and not least adult figure skating competitions.


Malmö Ice Flyers would like to welcome you to learn, excel, compete and have fun together on the ice, no matter if you are a beginner lacing up your skates for the first time, or a skater returning to the sport.


We skate at different ice rinks in Malmö. In addition to the ice sessions we also offer off-ice training with exercices in flexibility, balance and strength for figure skaters. During autumn 2020 we offer the following ice sessions to our members, starting from 27 August.

Thursday 21:15-22:00 at Rosengård ice rink (off-ice 20:15)
Friday 20:30-22:00 at Limhamn ice rink (off-ice 19:30)

Saturday 13:15-14:15* at Limhamn ice rink
Sunday 16:45-17:45* at Kirseberg ice rink (Skating School)

Sunday 18:00-19:00* at Kirseberg ice rink

* Changes in schedule may occur. 

Practical information

For safety reasons, protective headgear and knee guards are strongly recommended on all beginners' sessions. We cannot provide any equipment, instead we refer to everyone who is lacking personal equipment to check out Fritidsbanken. If you are interested in other activities such as choreography or program composition, please contact us.


It is never too late to start skating. Perhaps you have had dreams of becoming a figure skater, but did not get the chance as a child. Or maybe you skated before and want to take up the sport again. Lace up your skates and join us on the ice!

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Malmö Ice Flyers

A member of the Swedish Figure Skating Association and the Swedish Sports Confederation.

A Figure Skating Club for Adult Skaters

Founded by competitive adult skaters, for adult skaters of all levels to learn, excel, compete and have fun together on the ice.

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